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Geschrieben von Singers Redaktionsteam am 5. September 2013
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When nature dons her golden dress and embraces the start of autumn, fresh breezes and autumnal sunshine encourage us to dream. This is when Mother Nature makes preparations before the onset of the cold winter months, when she stores sufficient energy to allow the earth to issue new, vigorous shoots in springtime.

We should take a leaf out of her book and give our tired bodies and minds a boost after the sapping sun and heat of summer. Consciously experiencing every moment is helpful, be it outdoors by braving the wind and rain and feeling the forces of nature, or by enjoying the comfort and peace of a cosy spot from which to observe events outside.

The months of September and October are when agitation and tranquillity confront each other most intensely – the perfect time to seek and find equilibrium. Allow us to be of assistance.

Our recommendations:

  • Herbs:
    e.g. camomile, sage, wild thyme, rosemary, lavender, aniseed
  • Massages:
    e.g. Alpine herbal massage, Silhouette de Luxe, Reflexology, Special head massage
  • Body treatments:
    e.g. herbal baths, minerals and oil scrub, ‘SMOOTH’ body pack
  • Beauty treatments:
    e.g. Rosalpina Natur pur, Caudalie de Luxe


Don’t permit gloomy autumn days nibble away at your good mood – simply slip on your raincoat and wellies and step out for a brisk walk – you might even consider ‘singin’ in the rain’! Don’t forget to luxuriate in a hot bath or shower afterwards.

Yours Singer’s SPA-Team

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