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Geschrieben von Florian Singer am 12. April 2013
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Now we are delighted to share our most treasured experience with you: The first day of March was an especially joyful day for our family, when we were married in the registry office. The church wedding is planned for April!

Mrs Singer, what prompted you to apply for a job at the Singer Sporthotel & SPA? What brought you to Berwang?

Christina Singer:

I’d always wanted to work ‘abroad’ and this gave rise to the idea to come to Austria. I had sent out several applications but Gerti Singer, Florian’s mother, was the quickest to respond and she offered me an interview. I liked the hotel straight away and found Berwang very appealing, so the decision wasn’t difficult to make.

How did you start your working life at the hotel and what career stages did you pass through?

Christina Singer:

I started on 5 December 2005 as a receptionist. Singer’s SPA was still under construction at the time and just approaching completion. Back then nearly all the members of the reception team were new and it was a really exciting season. After a while I also did the Pass during evening service and I also was asked if I could imagine being the management assistant. From then on my now mother-in-law entrusted me with more and more of her duties; I took over purchasing, made decisions concerning the decorating, I started to do the recruitment of our new staff and encountered a multitude of further challenges.

What were your thoughts when you saw your husband for the first time?

Christina Singer:

(Laughs) I did wonder whether he was just another ‘trust fund baby’ … Well, my first impression was that he was quite attractive, but I did think he was a bit snobbish. But that changed completely as soon as I started working here, and we got on really well.

What were your feelings as you got to know each other better?

Florian Singer:

Well, I thought our first meeting was very nice, if a little brief. After all, I only joined my mother and Christina’s interview for a few minutes. And I was wearing my building site gear. From the word go Christina struck me as a very attractive and charming young woman, and I asked her a few questions about her CV. I now know that she didn’t think much of my questions but her answers were nonetheless clear and concise.

Christina Singer:

As I said, I didn’t think he was hugely exciting when I first met him, but then I got to know him better at work. We always got on brilliantly; we really could talk about anything, including personal things.

When and how did your working relationship turn into more?

Florian Singer:

Okay, I’ll answer this question … We’d been to St Christoph am Arlberg for an end of season meal with our heads of department and on the return journey in the minibus the others all fell asleep. The two of us were the only ones still awake; we were chatting and holding hands, and then one thing led to another …

What objectives and visions do you share on a professional level?

Christina Singer:

Naturally, the boundaries between our professional and private lives tend to blur much of the time now – but we have very clear ambitions for the hotel. Our main objectives certainly include giving our guests constantly improving standards of quality, providing them with a gorgeous environment whilst on holiday, and always offering the very best of Tyrolean hospitality.

Florian Singer:

We also want to provide our employees with a great work place, we wish to nurture and motivate them and thereby make our guests’ stay at the hotel an unforgettable experience.

Will your marriage change the structure of the business in any way?

Florian Singer:

Nein, nur dass wir keine „Assistentin der Geschäftsführung“ mehr haben, sondern eine zweite Frau Singer!

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