Interview with Johannes – Schirmbar-manager with a passion

Geschrieben von Florian Singer am 29. November 2012
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Florian Singer: Johannes, since 1998 you have spoiled our guests in the Schirmbar. What fascinates you about this position?
Johannes: 15 seasons in the Schirmbar, … it’s incredible how time flies! What I love quite simply is working in the fresh air, surrounded by wonderful nature, with our lovely clients who want to have a good time. And I like Berwang!
Florian Singer: What do you like so much about Berwang and the region?
Johannes:Of course, during the winter season I don’t have much time to do anything. But I think that Berwang is still a traditional and deeply rooted place where people respect nature. There are no monotonous-mega hotels, there’s still a very human element and it is not solely geared towards profits.
Florian Singer: Over the last few years you have turned our Schirmbar more and more into a culinary meeting place. How did this happen and what can our guests expect?
Johannes: This developed over time. First of all, guests already came at lunch time for the classic après-ski and wanted to eat here. Secondly, guests were attracted by our specialities and well-prepared dishes. Today, my guests can enjoy the homemade ski lunch dishes ranging from rib-eye steaks carved at the table over marinated beef tartar prepared fresh in the Schirmbar – right down to fondue, raclette and more. All this comes combined with beautiful sunshine, good music, well chosen drinks and, of course, my ‘indulgence service’!

Florian Singer: What is for you personally the highlight in your work?
Johannes: For some time now I have organised cosy ‘private dinners’ at the Schirmbar for 4-10 guests. If ordered in advance, guests can sit down to Châteaubriand carved at table, Chinese fondue or whatever they feel like having. I decorate the interior with candles and tablecloths and when it’s snowing outside, my guests are sitting in a cosy, snug environment.
Florian Singer: You already worked during the 1970s for us in the Singer Singer Stub’n. What has changed since then?
Johannes: It’s incomparable, like day and night! At that time people were intent on partying. They came to the Stub’n in their ski boots and danced. They enjoyed après-ski (at that time it was five o’clock tea dance) and came directly in their ski gear to dinner and then just kept on partying. Incredible! Today guests prefer to take their time and clearly separate après-ski from dinner. And then of course there is the wellness boom! It did not exist in the seventies.
Florian Singer: From your many memories, can you talk about something which you will never forget?
Johannes: Hmm something that I’ll never forget happened in 1976 when I worked in the Singer Stub’n and we had this really crazy live band throughout the winter, playing every evening from five o’clock to midnight. When the drummer was ‘really in the mood’ as the night progressed, he would throw his drumsticks onto the dance floor and leave. The next day he’d stick them back together and carry on.
Florian Singer: (Laughs) What do you do to balance all that work and action – for example during summer when you’re not here?
Johannes: During winter I run every day before I start work, it clears the head and does me good. In summer I do the complete opposite from what I do at the Schirmbar: I work a lot in the garden, plant vegetables, do something for myself like a fasting cure, cycling, energetic exercises like Qi Gong and a lot of travelling!
Florian Singer: Thank you for this interview. I’m already looking forward now to when we re-open the Schirmbar mid-December!
Johannes: So am I!

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