Our topic for June: LIGHTNESS

Geschrieben von Singers Redaktionsteam am 12. Juni 2013
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This month we pay special attention to the liver and bile. This is because the liver and the fluid that is produced within it (bile) have an important part to play in helping our metabolisms work properly. If the liver is unable to perform its detoxifying function it will channel any toxic substances to our connective tissue and into the nervous system.

In addition to putting constraints on physical activities, this can also have a negative effect on our state of mind.

We recommend

  • Herbs:
    For the liver: e.g. Verbena, elecampane, gentian, centaury, bedstraw
    For the gall: e.g. Dandelion, wormwood, mint, burdock, hops
  • Massages:
    e.g. Silhouette de Luxe, Reflexology, Abhyanga
  • Body-Treatments:
    e.g. Detoxification Baths, Piroche Body Wrap, Crushed Cabernet Peeling
  • Facials:
    e.g. Facial Treatments with herbal stamps massage


Dew cure for the prevention of venous problems and for good mood! Our SPA garden offers you the opportunity to walk in the morning through the wet grass to stimulate the circulation and to start fresh and cheerful into the day!

Let’s lighten up for the summer!

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