Our topic for July: THE METABOLISM

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Everything we eat has to be masticated, processed and then separated into essential and waste matter. The nutritious elements are distributed to the body’s cells, while the waste matter is excreted as quickly as possible. We call this metabolism.

When it works well, the body’s metabolism ensures that every one of its cells is supplied with everything it needs and that all the toxins and waste material are removed. Slowly but surely this helps shed excess pounds. When provided with the right materials and conditions, the metabolism is able to work properly and you feel calmer and more energetic.

Clear yourself of waste matter and make space for the essential and nutritious components of your diet.

We recommend:

  • Herbs:
    e.g. horse-heal, bog-bean, stinging nettle, watercress, dandelion, sage and juniper
  • Massages:
    e.g. manual lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy massage and reflexology
  • Body treatments:
    e.g. ‘smooth’ body wrap, Piroche body wrap, minerals and oil exfoliating treatment
  • Beauty treatments:
    z.B. Rosalpina – Natural, Caudalie de Luxe, Alpine Power

TIP: Exercise and water

Exercise is the key to speeding up the body’s metabolism. Our active programme provides you with a great opportunity to exercise yourself to health with fun and zest.

Water – always drink plenty of pure water (around two litres per day), and bear in mind that you will need to drink even more water whenever you consume unhealthy food or drinks.

A great way to boost your metabolism is by enjoying ‘Kneipp’ spa treatments in our ‘Kneipp’ creek in the sauna area.

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