Singer’s winter tip – Say goodbye to winter and invite the spring!

Geschrieben von Florian Singer am 14. März 2013
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Spring is in the air. Say thank you to your body for getting you through the winter by giving it a ‘spring clean’.

  • At Singer’s SPA we recommend:
    – Detox body peels
    – Massages to boost the lymphatic system i.e. lymphatic drainage or body wraps
  • At home:
    Spring cure with special teas and plenty of physical exercise
  • As a tea mixture or bath additive:
    – Purifying herbs: bear’s garlic, dandelion, mugwort, stinging nettle, cowslip, yarrow, common marigold
    – Herbs which strengthen connective tissue: common horsetail, common knotgrass, heart’s ease
    – Herbs to counteract cellulite: ivy, verbena, common knotgrass

★ TIP:

Start getting fit. Don’t try and do everything at once. It is healthier and longer lasting to take your time.

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