Singer’s winter tip – Boost your immune system

Geschrieben von Florian Singer am 1. Februar 2013
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Interminable January is followed by ‘usually’ a very cold February and the body needs defences against colds and flu. Let it do the job itself and combat viruses by activating your self-healing powers.

  • At Singer’s SPA we recommend:
    – Special massages such as foot reflex zone massage, sound massage, classic massage
    – Facial treatments to make your skin more resilient.
  • At home:
    Full baths or foot baths.
  • As a tea mixture or bath additive:
    Herbs to activate your selfhealing powers: heal-all, angelica, wood sage, mullein, dandelion, sticklewort, common marigold

★ TIP:

Have fun! – laughing stimulates self-healing powers. Focus on enjoyable things – dancing, singing, painting, meditating …, February is also Carnival time which gives us an opportunity to laugh about ourselves too!

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