Rubbing shoulders with winter’s more gentle side

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Taking it step by step

As you stride through the snow-covered landscape the snow crunches beneath your feet, the sun shines down from a blue sky, and the air is astonishingly crisp and clear. Winter hiking opens up all the magic of our beautiful countryside. The slow pace of walking is a source of meditative calm as it gives you time to pay attention to the small details around you.

Over 60km of cleared winter hiking trails in the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena invite you to enjoy the snowy landscape. You decide whether to take your time or pick up a more sporting pace as you make your way through the white idyll. There are many different paths to take you up mountain and down valley.

A snowshoe hike with our mountain guide Gerd is a special experience. As a local, he can tell you a great deal about the region around the Zugspitz Arena. Away from the slopes and trails, where nothing and no one disturbs the peace and quiet, you walk in knee-deep snow through easy terrain and natural forests.

Our SPA Manager Theresa will be delighted to take you to Berwang’s Winter Wonderland for a morning walk or a torchlight hike in the evening with a snow angel to finish.

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